It’s mid-March and following weeks and months of intense training the Derby Arona team are preparing to welcome many fanciers from around the world for the first time in three years due to covid pandemic to the island of Tenerife for this year’s final race.

. Once you equate the entry fee to a per pigeon cost, it works out at US$750 (approx.

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The remaining 251 pigeons had to cover the distance of 280 km to reach their loft with a moderate SSW wind and a temperature of 18 degrees.

Mar 25, 2023 · 09/05/2023 13:30 - Tuesday the 9th of May this new auction will start: Derby Arona (ES). . .

It's all new for 2023/24 Whilst the Arona Team are 100% committed in providing a new outlook for the Derby Arona Tenerife one loft race with the new loft.

after. Derby Arona, Arona, Canarias, Spain. 1st international semi final (hotspot 3) We’re now at the series stage of this year’s Derby Arona Tenerife one loft race as we head towards the final, with the fourth and final visit to the island of Gran Canaria for the semi-final race a distance of 125klm of both land and seas, a race that when completed will see some of the bravest and challenging team of.

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Its early October and on the island of Tenerife and at the Derby Arona loft it's a hive of activity, as pigeons are now arriving daily from the many countries around the world , at present theres Established 1979 Company.

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£11,111) for your team of 20 pigeons for the 2023 season. .

FINAL RACE; Derby International FCI Costa del Sol.
Mar 19, 2021 · Team Millys Loft 2nd England 2nd UK 3rd International Endurance race 2 with pigeon Champaign Shamane.
09/05/2023 13:30 - Tuesday the 9th of May this new auction will start: Derby Arona (ES).

The pigeons have to deal with high temperatures and cross the ocean, which selects the toughest, ultra athletes amongst the participants.


2023 08:00:00 (GMT -5:00) basketed Pigeons: 3098 Arrival  RACE 2 LIVE BASKETING – 185 MILES Florida Pigeon Derby 75 Mile Trainer – January 19th Pedro Porto (Portugal) MASTER WORLD CUP 2022. For 3rd & 4th international we go to two worldwide experienced one loft race entrants as we head back to the winning nation of England with Team Millys loft once again profiled in 3rd with pigeon Champaign Shamane on 10. Derby Winter 2022-2023 FINAL; SUPER STAR ONE LOFT RACE WINTER EDITION 2023.

. com. The road to the final is incredibly demanding. . prize semi-final race – 268 birds 230 km. Mar 25, 2023 · 09/05/2023 13:30 - Tuesday the 9th of May this new auction will start: Derby Arona (ES).


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16 February, 2023 / SUPER STAR ONE LOFT RACE.